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Why a Photo Booth?


Endless entertainment for your guests through an interactive experience, capturing the fun and laughter in still frame


Double the amount of photos to remember your special day with a full gallery of guest photos delivered within 24 hours of your event


Both Digital + Print packages include unlimited photos for all guests - bringing them back for more fun all night long


Customizable experience to meet your design inspo - change wording, colours, fonts, strip layouts - make it your own!


A professional + fun attendant that will be at your event from start to finish - organizing and encouraging guests so you don't have to worry

Why OUR Photo Booth?

Two Types of Booths

Digital Photobooth


Pictures sent directly to your guests phone for instant access and instant sharing 

As simple as tapping the screen, posing, and taking a photo 

High quality photos taken under studio lighting

Print Photobooth


Receive prints within 8 seconds to take home and hang on your fridge ;)

Doubles as a memorable party favour that guests will actually enjoy

Customize your print template - vibe, name, date, your preference of design!




First - you pick a digital or print package, and how many hours you are looking for. Then, the fun part! Customizing!! We will send you a guide where you pick your fonts, template style, colours, and personalize your name and date details. We will send you various examples until we find the perfect one to match your design dreams. Following your customization - we will confirm your venue date and details. 



We come to your event 1 1/2 hours early to set up the Photo Booth, props and printer. We diligently test all our equipment to ensure it is running smoothly for your event start time. This is included with any package you choose. Setting up early not only allows us to ensure efficiency, but to ensure we are not disrupting your event. If you require us to set up even earlier, ask about our idle time. We are happy to accommodate any of your event needs. 



Our on-site attendant will be there for the set-up, duration and take-down of the Photo Booth. The attendant is responsible for troubleshooting any possible issues as they arise, as well as organizing guest line-ups and encouraging guests to join in on the fun! We will ensure guests are receiving all photos they have taken, digitally and printed, and having a good time. A professional and fun attendant is a must-have with a photo booth (in our very bias opinion!).


Digital Packages

Instant taking, viewing, and sharing   

Packages starting at $399


Instant Sharing

Our digital packages provide your guests with instant sharing! How does it work? You choose to have photos either texted or emailed to you. Once you take the photo and approve, it will automatically be sent, so it can be instantly shared with friends and social media!


Unlimited Photos

Your guests can continue to come back for more, as there is no limit on the amount of photos that can be taken! All photos will be professional quality and keep your guests coming back for more!


Level up your Event Selfies

A Photo Booth elevates any mirror selfie you will ever take. With a professional camera and studio lighting, it only flatters your best sides. Your choice of fun prop to pose with provides endless fun and entertainment!


Endless Entertainment

Our Photo Booth is more than just taking photos. It's about bringing people together, creating and capturing memories in still frame, and inspiring connection and conversations. 

Print Packages

high quality prints you won't forget to take home

Packages starting at $599


Memorable Entertainment

A print booth is for you if you are looking for memorable entertainment, and personalized keepsake for your guests that also doubles as a party favour. Print booths provide your guests with a tangible gift that encapsulates memories through photos. 


Unlimited Prints

Your print booth will allow your guests to take unlimited photos, and receive unlimited prints. Your guests will receive 1 print per each guest in each photo. 


Double your Memories

You spend hours and hours planning your special event, why wouldn't you want all the photos possible to reminisce on!? A Photo Booth allows you to capture a unique perspective on your event through your guests eyes. You will receive a full gallery of photos within 24 hours of your events to review and remember how much fun everyone had!


Quick printing

Our printer is able to produce high quality prints within 8 seconds. There is no wasting time with this option. Grab your prints and get back in line for another turn!

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